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Lesson: Feedback Form (#4)

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The Simple Mindset Hack You Need To Crush Your 2023 Goals!👊



Controversial Opinion: sometimes I think new year's resolutions are overrated. ✌

With 2023 comin in hot, I know many of us are thinking of what we want to work towards in the coming months. But if you’re like me,  you’re no stranger to the shame spiral when you fall behind or don’t accomplish your resolution. But what if a small change in how you think could save you from that familiar trap?

Skip the resolutions and try setting INTENTIONS for yourself. When I set my intentions for the year (or even the day) I focus on how I want to feel or what I want to achieve through my actions. Instead of focusing on a specific action as the goal, I’m checking in with my mind and body to decide how I want to feel. It’s the mindset shift I didn’t know I needed.🙌
Do your resolutions usually look like “lose 20lbs”? Try setting an intention like  “I want to feel comfortable and confident in my body”. This keeps things positive and allows for many different options that could fulfill that intention.

And If you’re ready to focus on your [health/fitness/skincare], I can help! Here’s what partnering with me looks like:

[share what they can expect when working with you] 


😎First, I’ll help you choose the right [program/plan and its features: Fitness program for you to follow. 💪We have more than 1,500 workouts to choose from and every program ranges with workouts anywhere from 20-60 minutes.] We can totally make it work for your lifestyle!

😎Then, we’ll get you set up with [product]! This will help [benifits and ingredients]  😋

😎Lastly , I’ll get you plugged into my exclusive Facebook Group - [FACEBOOK GROUP NAME]! This group is real, raw, and pretty rad. 😜 A group of women chasing their dreams together is a beautiful thing! 

I want you to kick off the new year feeling confident and ready to become your BEST self!💃 

Now, enjoy the rest of this year and party like it's 1999 (a simpler time!)🥳 


P.S. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered yet, let me know! Just reply to this email with the subject line, “Just Wondering!”