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Course: Share Your Feedback

Lesson: Feedback Form (#4)

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Day 19: Lead Magnet Promotion Post


Lead magnet posts are what fastracks the important process of earning your ideal customer’s trust online, so they’re vital!! These posts will help get more of your dream people interested in what you’re all about. Plus, they reward your audience for following you and give them insight into what it’s like to work with you, and how you can serve them.

Picture Idea:

Photo of your lead magnet

Reel Idea:

Listen to Audio:
Text Bubble for Reel:

“When they need someone to bring drinks to the party”

Do-It-Yourself Prompt:

Choose a recipe to highlight from your lead magnet

Done-For-You Caption:

Did someone say HOLIDAY MARGARITAS??

It was me. I said it.

You HAVE to try this Apple Cider Margarita recipe in my [Lead Magnet]. It’s the perfect addition to your holiday menu.

Drop a comment or a DM and I’ll send you my FREE [Lead Magnet] filled with 19 other amazing recipes and Thanksgiving staples!


#margaritatime #cocktailhour #holidaydrinks #holidaydrinks #holidaycocktails #margaritarecipes

Insta Stories Ideas:

  • Thoughts: Share a picture or clip of you relaxing. Sitting outside with a warm drink, cozied up on the couch with a fire going, doing your fav hobby, whatever you do to unwind!
  • Engage: Re-share something that made you laugh: a post/reel/Tiktok- Could be your own reel or something related to parties
  • Poll your audience: use the question feature to ask “What’s your FAV holiday drink?”
  • DM me: To grab my FREE [lead magnet]. The recipes are too good to miss!