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Course: Share Your Feedback

Lesson: Feedback Form (#4)

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🛑STOP thinking like this!


Hey Girl Heeeyyy!!

(FIRST NAME)I don’t know about you, but I love the holidays! Any excuse to pull out the sweaters and light a fire. Annnnd I think we can agree that fall and winter have the best treats! You had me at [list your fav treat: warm apple cider/pumpkin pie/ hot coco, ect]

Ok, I’m getting distracted by the holiday food options😃😜

But if I’m being honest, this time of the year used to be really tough for me.

I was consumed with [Insert old thought patterns: fear of gaining weight/ being in photos that I would end up hating because of how I looked/feelings of failure for all the changes I wanted to make this year that hadn’t happened etc.] My inner monologue showed up to the party like an uninvited guest hell-bent on ruining everything.👿 I couldn’t figure out how to break the cycle.

If I wasn’t racked with [guilt/shame/disappointment/fear] I was busy telling myself, “Just start fresh next month” or “next year will be your year”.

Um Hello?! This is the same thinking that got me here in the first place! (see what I mean, vicious cycle)
Sound familiar? I know I’m not the only one who felt like this!

The truth is that the holidays can get a little CRAY. But Imagine for a second that this year you are walking into them guilt-free and confident. You don’t have to stress about [list stressors: counting calories/out of control breakouts/your meal plan etc.]. You can enjoy the time with your family and friends without that nagging little voice inside your head.

Wouldn’t that be great?

Give yourself the gift of [health/wellness/clear skin/confidence] this holiday season, so you can enjoy yourself, feel your best, and have the best of both worlds.❤️

Cheers to health and holiday joy!


P.S. My favorite [health/wellness/fitness/skincare] tip as I prepare for the holiday is [share tip and product if applicable: making sure I move after every meal. It can be a short walk around the block or a living room dance party. I love doing this 20-minute workout after breakfast. Want to check it out? Reply back and I’ll send you the details! ]